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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2021The impact of traineeships on Corporate Social Responsibility: The mediating role of perceived corporate reputation (a case study of Sonelgaz laghouat, Algeria)Moussa MARFOUA; Moussa MARFOUA
31-Dec-2021The Role of Transparency and Disclosure In The Adoption Of Social Responsibility DimensionsAmira BELGAT; Kamel HAMANA
31-Dec-2021The Causality Relationship Between Current Account and Government Budget: Case of AlgeriaSara LEHIMEUR1, *,; Abdelhamid BENCHEIKH
31-Dec-2021Leases Between Accounting Thought and the Islamic Economics and their Position in Contemporary Zakat AccountingSoufyane BENKEDIDAH
31-Dec-2021Directing Consumers Behavior Toward the Adoption Of Eco Friendly Products: A Survey of economics faculty students at Ouargla university (UKMO)Salah KHOUILDAT; Salah KHOUILDAT; ahmed BAALLA
31-Dec-2021The Effectiveness Of Monetary Policy Instruments Under Inflation Targeting : An Emprical Analysis Case Of Algeria During The Period 1970-2018Mohamed Nachid BOUSSIALA
31-Dec-2021The Trial for the evaluation of the Todaro or Lewis theses on data of the economy of AlgeriaNaoual ASSOUL1
31-Dec-2021Devices of digital learning and implication in training in a pandemic contextSoraya BOURROUBEY
31-Dec-2021The Determinations of Financial Stability in Kuwait Banking System During (2008_2019)عصام بوزيد; السعيد ىتهات
31-Dec-2021Financial intermediation and the support of economic growth, its importance and mechanisms between conventional and Islamic approachرفيق غدار
31-Dec-2021The effect of Investing in Intellectual Capital in Achieving Competitive Advantageسارة بن موىوب; أحمد تي; ليلة معلول
31-Dec-2021The nature of Islamic banks and The need to adjust itيونس ديبوش
31-Dec-2021A proposel statistical model of contribution of account governor in improving corporate governance- Applying to a sample of professionals and academicsنوال سايح
31-Dec-2021Measuring the efficiency of companies active in the Algerian insurance market Using the data envelopement analysis (DEAإبراىيم بضياف; عمر موساوي; عبد الباقي بضياف
31-Dec-2021A standard study on the quality levels of after-sales services at car dealerships in Algeriaعبد الله سايح; حستُ شنيني; الدين هدار
31-Dec-2021Six Sigma applications in a sample of organizations in the state of Tebessaعدلان ربوح; لزمد معيوف; مديحة بخوش
31-Dec-2021Developing the Role of Algeria’s Bank to Integrate Islamic Banking Products and Waqf Investments Formulas Under Review of Framework Number 20/02, and Instruction Number 20/03محمد خير الدين صالحي; عبد الناصر براني
31-Dec-2021Financial constraints and their impact on the investments of Algerian companiesحلوة لقمان; عبد الغفور دادن
31-Dec-2021A forward-looking vision for non oil export income- Evidence from Libya during 2021- 2031يوسف يخلف; عبدالعزيز مسعود
31-Dec-2021The impact of the independence of the Bank of Algeria on the effectiveness of monetary policy in combating inflation: for the period (1990-2019(جمال بالطيب; لزمد الخطيب نمر
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30