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Title: Printemps, l’automne scripturaire de Rachid Boudjedra
Authors: Saïd SAÏDI
Keywords: Narrative
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2019
Series/Report no.: V.2_04.janv.2019;
Abstract: Challenges always mean their time. The affirmation is even more significant in literature; the discipline being naturally endowed with a great faculty of pro-spective alterity. When these challenges extend to human conceptualizations, affects, philosophies of life, especially history, the issues become eminently cru-cial.Teldj, the heroine of "Spring", multi-time champion of endurance racing, the 400 m. hedges, emancipated in her head as well as in her body, -sheis a professor of literature at university and homosexual -but wagged by a ruthless history, where the spring, season of renewal invigorating, far from wet, rainy and fertile, it is so perverse that the humidity is bloody, the rain is ballistic, the renewal is deadly.When even homosexuals need foreign partners, independ-ence and freedom are still far away. And it is not healthy to count on one of the greatest writers for any answer to the multiple challenges facing a society in a vertiginous loss of landmarks. Autumn settles durably in the minds and literature of certain countries. Where would spring be
Description: paradigmes
ISSN: 2602-7933
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