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Title: Les actes de langage dans le discours numérique : cas des réseaux sociaux « Facebook »
Authors: Amal BASLIMANE
Keywords: Speech Acts
Cooperative Illocutionary Act
Digital Discourse Anal-ysis
Social Networks
Discursive Technology
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2019
Series/Report no.: V.2_04.janv.2019;
Abstract: The word is individual and rebellious to the rules. It escapes any attempt at analysis because of its "free" and "creative" character. Similarly, speech acts, which fall within the domain of speech linguistics, are the subject of controver-sial studies because of its categorial classification. In this article, we propose to study speech acts in the communicative universe of technology. We are inter-ested here in the nature of these acts and the actions they perform in social networks. Our approach is essentially based on Marie-Anne Paveau’s Digital Speech Analysis (ADN)
Description: paradigmes
ISSN: 2602-7933
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