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dc.descriptionDafatir Droit et politiqueen_US
dc.description.abstractThis presentation deals with the French military intervention from the legal point of view, The past cold war period has witnessed an increase in military intervention starting with Iraq in 1991, arriving at Mali in 2013. Through this period of time military intervention, be it unilateral or multilateral, was always standing on various reasons, and anyway at various objectives, but lucks most of the time the legal bases. Does the French military intervention in Mali on 16 January,2002 has the legal basis no matter how it carried and what … object it has ? The French official Position is that France behaved according to international law its action justified by the rules and orms of international law especially the 2085 Resolution of the Security Coincil and the UN Charter. This, it is legal? This paper will try to argue differently and emphasize that the French justifications are more political then legal justifications?en_US
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dc.subjectالتدخل العسكري في ماليen_US
dc.subjectمدى شرعيتهen_US
dc.titleالتدخل العسكري في مالي ومدى شرعيتهen_US
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