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Title: Résolution d’un problème d’élasticité en dimension trois affecté d’un poids dans un domaine présentant des points anguleux par une méthode de décomposition.
Authors: SAID Mohamed Saïd
Keywords: problème d’élasticité
dimension trois affecté
points anguleux
méthode de décomposition
Issue Date: 2010
Series/Report no.: 2010/2011;
Abstract: In this work we have studied three dimensional elasticity problems on domain with singular points by using the decomposition of the initial problem on to two problems on of them is a two dimensional Lamé system and the other is the Laplace equation posed on the antiplane . We remarked that the use of weighted suitable functions can simplifies the difficulties of the study of singularities situated on the polygon we have find that the existence and the uniqueness can be proved easly and we have generalised this results for the hole polygon by using the decomposition of the unity theorem.
Description: Equations différentielles et systèmes dynamiques
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