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Titre: Repetition and Traductio as Stylistic Devices in Hemingway's Narrative
Auteur(s): Slimane, ABDELHAKEM
Mots-clés: Repetition
lexical items meaning death
Date de publication: 30-mai-2013
Collection/Numéro: 2004/2005;
Résumé: The thesis is about comparative stylistics.It is divided into an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion. The introduction includes American Realism; its beginning; some prominent writers of the period like Hemingway. I shall fous on both European and American Realism and what each of them aimed at. Then, I shall have a look at the principales of Realism, illustrating that with an example from an excerpt from Hemingway's writing. I shall also give the motivation that made me choose the novel A Farewell to Arms.I shall point out the observations noticed throughout my reading (The stylistic features: repetition and traductio) and how they contributed to the construction of the idea of"death" in the novel. The first chapter is devoted to some definitions and comments on stylistics; problems of defining style; style as the choice between alternate expressions, illustrated with a comparison between two excerpts from two novels of two different writers; style as a set of individual or collected characetistics; the deviation in style, in two novels by the same writer; within the same novel by the same writer. I shall give some definitions of repetition and traductio. The second chapter is about the application of "the repetition" the first stylistic device noticed in the novel. The third chapter is about the application of the "traductio" the second stylistic device noticed in the novel. The conclusion shows my opinion on the devices applied on the corpus by the writer and other opinions.
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Collection(s) :Département d'Anglais

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