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Titre: The Pragmatics Of Henry James' S Non-Restrictive Appositives The Aspern Papersse Study: A Case The Aspern Paper
Mots-clés: Ambiguity
Anaphoric relations
Nonrestrictive appositives
Date de publication: 16-sep-2013
Collection/Numéro: 2007;
Résumé: Appositives help us to embed information and to refer to previous entities, and thus to make the parts of text hang together. A lot of the uses of this phenomenon are deliberate because they straddle the line between syntax and thought ; they elaborate on the meanings of the nouns they follow ; they add clarity and second images to them to relieve the boredom of reading long passages and, above all, they insert authenticity to what is being said or written. Those who use appositives accidentally lose cohesion in their writing and fail to fully convey the right information. To be able to make use of such devices correctly and effectively, we must characterize their uses and find a fitting representation for teaching them. The work here focuses on providing a linguistic analysis to handle nonrestrictive appositives occurring in the form of phrases which are integrated to build new structures. Appositive phrases are treated as dependent syntactic items which contract anaphoric relations with preceding elements such as nouns and other noun phrases. Each appositive is tied to its own antecedent and throws additional evidence on the surrounding lexical items. I have analyzed data representing a variety of useful constructions, and added ‘literary’ treatments of them to spot the areas where the linguistic and the literary functions meet. I also consider other particularly interesting elements which make appositives more specific- dashes and commas. The results confirm that nonrestrictive phrase appositives are cohesive devices of the type ‘Anaphora’ which can be used in sentences to reduce ambiguity and introduce authenticity to texts.
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ISSN: h127
Collection(s) :Département d'Anglais

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