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Title: Etude pétrographique, diagenétique et pétrophysique du réservoir TAGS- Cas du champ de Rhourd Nouss (Bassin de Berkine)
Authors: Berregui, Saad
Sekhri, Idris
Laouini, Hamza
Keywords: fluviatile in braid
diagenetic sequence
, Rhourd Nouss
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2019
Series/Report no.: 2019;
Abstract: This study is a contribution to the updating and optimization of the horizontal drilling development plan for the TAGS reservoir in the Rhourd Nouss Central field. This plan was carried out for the recovery of maximum quantities of hydrocarbons. The petrographic, diagenetic and petrophysical data of the TAGS reservoir have been processed, analyzed and interpreted. The results obtained are for the most part very promising. Indeed, the variation of the TAGS thickness seems to be guided by the synsedimentary tectonics expressed by the growth faults observed in the region, particularly in the northeastern part of the field. From a petrographic point of view, the TAGS has two facies, the first is characteristic of the fluvial medium in braid while the second is of fluviatile meandering. These two facies are both clean and of high energy. This has been confirmed by petrophysical analysis which results in very good to good quality reservoir properties. The diagenetic study confirmed these results by the observation of the microfacies and made it possible to determine the diagenetic sequence characterized by a weak compaction, the absence of poronecrosis phenomena and the signaling of certain phenomena of porogenesis such as the dissolution of the feldspars. Moreover, the average initial permeability to good seems to be improved in the vicinity of accidents where it becomes very good values.
Description: UNIVERSITE KASDI MERBAH – OUARGLA FACULTÉ DES HYDROCARBURES, DES ÉNERGIES RENOUVELABLES ET DES SCIENCES DE LA TERRE ET DE L’UNIVERS DEPARTEMENT DES SCIENCES DE LA TERRE ET DEL’UNIVERS Mémoire de Master Professionnel Domaine : Sciences de la Terre et de l’Univers Filière : Géologie Spécialité : Géologie des Hydrocarbures
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