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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2021دور جماعات الضغط في صنع السياسة العامة: منظمات أرباب العمل في الدول المغاربية أنموذجا The role of pressure groups in public policy-making: employers' organizations in the Maghreb as a modelبوعيسي عزة; بلعسل محمد
15-May-2021Analysis of Article 45 bis if the Algerian Family Code related to artificial insemination, in light of recent medical developments and the provisions of new Health Law 18-11خالد شبوعات; نور الدين زرقون
15-May-2021Legal protection for the video posted on the YouTube channel Comparative studyسمرود عبد القادر*; العيشي عبد الرحمان
15-May-2021The manifestations of balance in the Limited Liability Company between procedural facilities and legal guarantees for others dealing with it in light of Law 15/20بشير محمودي
15-May-2021The effect of handicap on the field of exercise capacity - Autism as a modelنساخ فطيمة
15-May-2021Strengthening the protection of electronic merchant data in accordance with the new lawsبن عزة أمال
15-May-2021Independence of the maritime freight from the ship in the shipping contractتيزة خديجة
15-Mar-2021Exclusive practices in Algerian lawيعقوب بن حدة; سامية حساين
15-May-2021The basis for challenging the tax base of the value-added taxبن ساسي حيزية; قريشي محمد
15-May-2021" دور المنظمات الدولية في حماية البيئة من التلوث - الأمم المتحدة والمنظمات المتخصصة نموذجا The role of international organizations in protecting the environment from pollution - United Nations and specialized organizations as a modelسليني محمد الصغير; بن تغري موسى