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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2016Target Situation Needs Analysis:Exploring the Linguistic Needs of ESP Learners The Case of Learners of Audio Visual at the National Vocational Training Institute in OuarglaGOUAREH, Keltoum; CHAIB, Soumaya
8-Nov-2016Designing ESP course: Setting Objectives for Business Learners. The Case of Career Centre Business Learners at Ouargla UniversityKHERFI, Bachir; GUEZIZ, Mohamed A.
11-Dec-2013The Role of Authentic Task-based Materials in Developing Business English Oral Communication Skills The Case of Ouargla University Career Centre StudentsHalima BOURAHLAOUI
11-Dec-2013The Impact of Effective Teaching Materials on Fostering ESP Learners’ Autonomy Case Study of 1 st year Master Students Geology Petroleum at UKMOAsma KABBAR
17-Nov-2013The Importance of Using Grammatical Cohesion in Writing Business Letters “The case of First-year Master Students of Marketing at University of Ghardaia”Bellaouar, Hadjira
17-Nov-2013The Impact of Learners’ Heterogeneity in the Class on the Performance of the ESP Practitioner The Case of Algerian ESP PractitionersLaghrab, Zineb
17-Nov-2013Analysis of ESP Courses in Terms of Objectives The Case of Business English Students of the Career Center-Ouargla UniversitySALHI, Fatima Zahra
17-Nov-2013Developing ESP Learners’ Pragmatic CompetenceHAFSI, Latifa
17-Nov-2013The Role of Listening Skill in Improving Telephone Conversation Case Study: First Year Business Master Students at Kasdi Merbah University of OuarglaBougherara, Hafsa
17-Nov-2013THE ROLE OF THE ESP TEACHER The case of the ESP teachers at the Algerian UniversityBENSACI, Halima Saadia