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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-2019The impact and function of research and development on the activity of oil companies Study the case of France's Total compound for the period 2015Hamza benzene; mohammed el hassen Alaoui
6-Jan-2019The Impact of Capital Adequacy on the Profitability of Islamic Banks in Algeria “Case study of Al Baraka Bank of Algeria and Al Salam Bank – Algeria” during the period: 2010-2016الهام طباخ
20-Jun-2019Impact of the exchange rate on foreign direct investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the period (1980-2017)عبد الحق بن تفات; محمد ساحل
20-Jun-2019Analyse de quelques réformes économiques apportées au système financier algérien Analysis of some economic reforms to the Algerian financial systemNadia AFROUNE
20-Jun-2019Evaluation of the financial performance of the Sonatrach complex in comparison to the modern and traditional evaluation methods A standard study for the period 2012-2015أمينة بوتواتة
20-Jun-2019Effectiveness of Environmental Management in Guiding the Behavior of Industrial Establishments Towards Environmental Excellence - Analytical Study of Industrial Institutions -بلقاسم قريشي; محمد زرقون
6-Jan-2019La dynamique des prix en Algérie ; une analyse par la théorie quantitative de la monnaieWarda Mezhoud; Mohamed Achouche
20-Jun-2019The Evaluation of commercial banks performance A case study of a sample of the working banks in algeria (2006-2012)شريفة جعدي; محمد الخطيب نمر
20-Jun-2019Impact of ratios derived from operating cash flows on the liquidity of industrial institutions Study of some Algerian institutions during the period 2011-2015لزهاري زواويد
20-Jun-2019Role of Talent Management in Activating Creative Behavior Study of the views of a sample of the professors of the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences atel Universityعبد اللاوى يحي; فيروز زروخي; لطفي مخزومي