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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020International trade arbitration in front of Cairo Regional Centre for the resolution of the international trade disputesبوطالبي زينب
Jan-2020Commentary on Article 6 bis of the Algerian Code of Criminal Proceduresمُحَمّـد بكرارشوش
Jan-2020The system of popular justice in the composition of the Criminal Court ensure the achievement of social justice in the justice facilityعائشـة عبد الحميد
Jan-2020The responsibility of the media institution in disseminating the reply and correcting the media newsبوحية وسيلة
Jan-2020The cognitive model and state perception in contemporary Islamic thought: between the imperative of commitment and the possibility of adaptationحسن بن كادي; صالح الدين شرقي
Jan-2020The reality of the Arab regional system and its political problems in light of the major security challenges created by the Arab movement since 2011قلاع الضروس سمير
Jan-2020Legal mechanisms to address debt accumulation status borrower (Consumer loan model)معنصري مريم; هميسي رضا
Jan-2020Summary Criminal Proceedings in the Balance of Fair Trial Principles - Penalty Order as a Model -لوز عواطف
Jan-2020The failed states issues in the Maghreb region and its impact on security balances: a Libya’s case after 2011بونيف سامي محمد
Jan-2020The Military Responsibility of the State Under the International Law Transformationsمرغني حيزوم بدر الدين