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Title: اللغة الأسطورية في الرواية الجزائرية
Authors: لزهر مساعدية
Keywords: اللغة الأسطورية
الرواية الجزائرية
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Series/Report no.: numéro 09 2015;
Abstract: Mostnovelists haveusedthe mythand figuredin their textsoftenaveryfrequent basisas didTaharOuattarandWassiniLaredj. Consideringthat the Algeriannovelistoutput isrich in terms ofthe use ofunsuitablemythsgreatcriticalon this production, given the decline incritical reading, it appearedthatwe seekin thisfieldand sowe chosea themeentitled "the mythical languagein the Algeriannovel." This article will attemptto trace themythical languagein someAlgeriannovelsfor representationis not limited.
Description: Revue Makalid
ISSN: 2253-0029
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