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Title: الشعرية الحداثية، مساءلة نصية ومسألة نقدية بين المفهوم والإشكالية
Authors: بالعجال عبد السلام
Keywords: poetry
The philosophical question
poetry in modernist
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Series/Report no.: numero 24 2016;
Abstract: The architecture of the text consists of aesthetic and poetic elements that intensified and renewable through time and space. Therefore, its readability is not tangible or easily accessible; and that, especially for a reader who does not have the skill and ability to question, to identify and to locate elements of poetry and literariness. The philosophical question is the key text and the threshold to access it and enter his paradise. Hence the importance of the interrogation, the critical spirit and the literary sense as an aesthetic and poetic innovative potential, and as a concept referring to the structure of the text and draw its borders. Hence the importance of the theme of this article as an attempt aimed at discussing the concept of poetry in modernist critical design, and to focus on its various notional variations.
Description: Revue Al Athar
ISSN: 1112-3672
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