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Title: انطولوجيا الأدب الهامشي بين النقد والوظيفة
Authors: سعيدة خلوفي
Keywords: criticism
the literature marginal
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Series/Report no.: numero 24 2016;
Abstract: The concept of literature has changed qualitatively in line with the new reality resulting learners to dialogue creativity in the face of two types of culture, Official culture dedicated by force of law and practice official culture produced in turn officially literature taught in educational institutions shall be subject to criticism and interpretation. In contrast, secondary culture marginalized resulted from consumer literature Does not rise up to penetrate the world of teaching or interpretation which is known as parallel or equivalent or similar or marginal literature that covering the several types, what are the references of this division ?, and what the relationship limits between the parallel literature and transcendental literature ? Among the literature marginal models science fiction novels in which the scientific spoken interferes with the literary spoken across specific dialectic begging strange and embrace the unknown
Description: Revue Al Athar
ISSN: 1112-3672
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