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Title: لغة التصوف
Authors: سفيان زدادقة
Keywords: Language
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Series/Report no.: numero 24 2016;
Abstract: The aspiration that every Sufi poet aimed to achieve , is to convey his own unique experience from the spiritual world with its absolute and sublimation, to the world of language, and makes it more concrete as it is possible ; for this reason we can understand the exaggeration in using symbols (codes) in expressing ideas and feelings throughout such special language which is a mystic one ,with its properties and special characteristic, therefore we may understand also why the Sufi poet continue to resort to the symbolic language (language of code); it’s simply because he is seeking to enable the expression of what cannot be said or expressed, and transfer it to something that can be easily said and expressed by words ,and through language. However the symbol in itself has a great value in making the mystical poem achieves its great and unique aesthetic, where it can drive us to determine the reading type or interpretation practiced towards such poetry. As a result we can say that the more the poet use symbolic writing in sacred themes ,the more we get as a readers the pleasure that we can achieve whenever we discover and determine the significance or the relationships inside, in fact there is a strong and direct link between the act of reading and the spiritual pleasure getting from this kind of writing..
Description: Revue Al Atha
ISSN: 1112-3672
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