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Title: Les systèmes agraires dans la wilaya de Ghardaïa (Sahara septentrional algérien) : caractérisation et perspectives de développement
Authors: Rachid HOUICHITI
Keywords: Development
Agrarian System
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: numéro 16 2016;
Abstract: This research aims to study the diversity of agrarian systems established in the region of Ghardaia. The results show the existence of four types of systems. The first is the ancient oasis, created on the wadi beds, as an original planning model allowing efficient management of floods and the establishment of subsistence agriculture. New oases developed from 1960 form the second type of agrarian system, composed of palm groves with a commercial vocation, developed by the public authorities. The third model of agriculture is growing at the periphery of ancient oases and is distinguished by diversified production systems and relatively intensive. Outside the oasis we find a fourth type of agrarian system, which is characterized by large farms. Sustainable development of these different types of agriculture requires the consideration of their diversity, particularly in terms of exploitation modes, potentials and constraints
Description: Agrarian System
ISSN: 1112-3613
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