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Title: The impact of the 2014 oil crisis on the special Treasury accounts in Algeria-focusing on Revenue Regulation Fund
Authors: فوقة فاطمة
بوفليح نبيل
Keywords: Special accounts
Revenue Regulation Fund
Public budget
Oil prices
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Series/Report no.: numero 11 2017;
Abstract: This study aims to highlight the Special Treasury Accounts (STAs) in Algeria, especially with the decline in oil prices since July 2014. This shock had a direct negative effect on economies like the Algerian economy, which absolutely depends on oil revenues. Considering that the Revenue Regulation Fund (RRF) is one of these special accounts, which represent exceptions to the general budget, the RRF was created in order to benefit from surpluses of the oil revenues, and use it in maintaining the stability of the public budget. We will try through this paper to highlight the most important effects of this shock on special accounts in generally and on RRF in particular.
Description: Algerian business performance review
ISSN: 1938-2170
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