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Title: الشَاهِد اللّغَوِي فِي القَامُوس بَيْن التَّقْلِيد المُعْجَمِي وَضَرُورَة الاخْتِصَار بَاب العَيْن عَيِّنَة
Authors: تاوريريت حسام الدين
مالكية بلقاسم
Keywords: conciseness
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Series/Report no.: numero 27 Déc 2016;
Abstract: This article examines the methodology of presenting quotes in AL KAMOS AL MOHIT . He had to choose between two options: following the old approach or renewalling another different one; which serves his general methodology, based on conciseness .
Description: Revue Al Athar
ISSN: 1112-3672
Appears in Collections:numéro 27 2016

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