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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Use of Network Planning Technology with GUANTT to Create Pedagogic Project at Souk Ahras Universityشامية بن عباس; هدى معيوف
2017Les Facteurs de la Réussite en Première Année Universitaire: Cas de l’Université de JijelFarida CHEKRAOUI LAOUDJ; Samia YEGHNI
2017Organizational Change and its Impact on Employee Satisfaction - Field Study at the Algérie Télécom Corporation- Laghouat -طه مدني طويهر; رشيد مناصرية; رشيد مناصرية
2017The Effectiveness of Field Training and its Role in Raising Students' Competencies and their Good Integration in the Professional Environment - An Empirical Study of Graduates of the University of Illinois Center, 2017 -عبد الغني بن حامد
2017The effect of severalmacroeconomic variables on the flow of foreign direct investment in Islamic countries for the period (1993-2012)طه بن الحبيب; محمود فوزي شعوبي
2017Evaluate the Performance of Value Portfolios Under the Efficiency of Financial Markets - A Test Study in the Singapore Financial Marketduring For the Period (2003-2016) -بوبكر شماخي; عبد الغني دادن
2017Traitement des vrais et faux zéros dans les enquêtes sur le consentement à payerBrahim DJEMACI
2017The relationship between the return and the systemic risk in the Moroccan Stock Exchangeعبد اللطيف مصيطفى; عبد الله عنيشل
2017Impact du développement financier sur la croissance économique en AlgérieZahir NASRI
2017Forecasting of Normal Gasoline to the Naftal Firm -HMD-هدى بن عبيد; فريد بن ختو