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Title: Organizational Change and its Impact on Employee Satisfaction - Field Study at the Algérie Télécom Corporation- Laghouat -
Authors: طه مدني طويهر
رشيد مناصرية
رشيد مناصرية
Keywords: Organizational change
Fields of change
Resistance of change
Employee satisfaction
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: Number 03 2017;
Abstract: This study examines the phenomenon of organizational change and its impact on the satisfaction of employees at the Algerian Telecom corporation,The Problematic of the study was to determine the impact of organizational change processes on the satisfaction of employees of this institution, the nature and requirements of the research have necessitated the use of the descriptive approach, Either In the field study, the questionnaire distributed to a sample of workers belonging to different organizational levels within the institution, And in The analysis of data obtained was used the statistical program (spss19), The research concluded with results demonstrating a statistically significant impact of organizational change in its various areas (structural, humanitarian and technological) on worker satisfaction In addition, there are statistically significant differences in the role of organizational change in employee satisfaction due to the functional level of the employees in the institution.
Description: Journal of Quantitative Economics Studies JQES
ISSN: 2437-1033
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