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Title: نظرية التلقي في النقد الأدبي العربي سؤال المنهج وآفاق التطبيق
Authors: قاسم المسعود
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Series/Report no.: Numéro 3 2016
Abstract: This article seeks to highlight the Arab literary criticism and problematic in the assimilation theoretical and methodological and terminological with Western perceptions of where he found what helped him to develop his tools and methodological perceptions theory, and I think that the interaction and communication with the other in the monetary sphere here is a matter of awareness of the Arab Monetary what happened in the development of in the monetary area at the other, and Msajrih arising from the curricula in cash and theories, which include receiving a theory that has opened up new horizons, awarded through which the receiver position and earned him the importance of an active role in the literary process.
Description: Al Alama
ISSN: 2478-0197
Appears in Collections:Al Alama N 03 / Vol 1, N3 2016

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