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Title: التسخير الفني الجمالي في المدحة النبوية الجزائرية عند ابن العطّار الجزائري قراءة أسلوبيـة
Authors: جميلة معتوق
Keywords: Praise of the Prophet of Algeria
Stylistic characteristics
Ibn Attar Algerian
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Series/Report no.: numero-12 2019;
Abstract: Reality pushes us strongly to feel a great scientific curiosity to research for secrets of the "Madih" of the prophet Mohammed (p.b.h). Although it has been invaded by ambiguity along history. We discovered that in the middle East with with Hassane,Kaâb, Rawaha and others. The reality, which was recognized by Abu El Kacem Saâd Allah, owing to the religious poetry mainly the "Madih" of the prophet Mohammed (p.b.h) are ancient genres of poetry. In addition, Shawki Deïf, proves the large existence of this category of poets in Algeria and Morocco since the seventh century of "El Hedjira" mainly during its second half. All that, we find, it is very attractive to criticism study to Algerian literary genre to discover and fairly evaluate its artistic beauty. A question that makes us research for the structures of the poet in his "Madih" of the prophet Mohammed (p.b.h). How he was able to describe his ethics and how God present him in perfection and greatness. Therefore, the "Madih" has owned its acception to the prophet Mohammed (p.b.h) that was the feeling of the poet, full of passion and spiritual love to the prophet and asking for the "Chafaâ" forgiveness or the witness. That needs from the poat an artistic desire and capacity in order to concretize the acception in the sense of beauty this is what we preferred to do on "the style" with the religion poet Abou El Athar El Djazaïri. To concretize its picture with old eras poets, we will check what he has prepared as artistic tools adequate to the description of the great prophet. The poet can not do that unless he shows high intelligence and creativity in order to be at the level of that acception we know as " the prophet" Mohammed peace be upon him.
Description: Revue DAKIRA
ISSN: 2335-125X
Appears in Collections:Dakra numero-12 2019(V7 N1)

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