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Title: محّمد شيبي شّاعرٌ إمام، أم إمامٌ شّاعر
Authors: محمد بن عبو
Keywords: تراث
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: V8 N1 jan 2020 (14);
Abstract: The region of Tedkelt is a deep-rooted area of history. A scientific movement in ancient times has witnessed the emergence of a great number of scholars in the various arts such as Muhammad ibn Aba al-Mamzari, Shaykh Bay Muhammad Baalem al-Qabalawi, Al-Haj Abdul Rahman Hafsi Al-Olofi and Sheikh Al-Zawi Al-Ain Salhi ... We forget some of the young scholars who have left behind a heritage that exceeds their age if we compare it to their professional age, including the late Mohammed Chebbi. In this article, I saw that I would offer it - if only a little bit of it was left ... through its poetry and contract. Yes, the disappearance of men and the hopes and every era of state and men, yes, every era of state and men, and this one of the men of his time
Description: Revue DAKIRA
ISSN: 2335-125X
Appears in Collections:Dakra numero-14 2020 (V8 N1)

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