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Title: الأثر الصّرفي لأبي علي الفارسي في ابن السّيد البَطليوسيّ وابن عصفور الإشبيلي، دراسة بعض المسائل الصّرفيّة " أنموذجاً
Authors: إبراهيم مصطفى
Keywords: Persian
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: V8 N1 jan 2020 (14);
Abstract: This research high lights on the literary impact for Abu Ali Al Farsi at two of grammarians in Andalusia in the six and seven th AH centuries and gives a model of that effect, The study of some issues, that I showed in them the scietific importance of Abu Ali Al Farsi at these scientists by following his views and by agreeing them wih some places and disagreeing with others .I have proved if they were right by their objection or not . Basing on the opinion of syntax audiences in these issues
Description: Revue DAKIRA
ISSN: 2335-125X
Appears in Collections:Dakra numero-14 2020 (V8 N1)

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