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Title: الكناية في القرآن الكريم ودورها في التطور الدلالي.
Authors: ضياء غني العبودي
جاسم شمخي حمد
Keywords: Quraan
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: V8 N1 jan 2020 (14);
Abstract: The topic of this research is one of the most important topic since that it has close connection to holy Quraan Also it is aprominant study in language that adopted by some scholars in present time for the sake of lifting high the flag of incapability in understanding the meanings and aims of the writer of hystorical text, because it is far away in the past and man and society is changed and developed.This research belongs to the linguistics studies and prounnciationalresearchs in linguistics and other related sciences that made language and prounciation the center of their researches. This research aims at showing this Quraanic role throgh its context, its terms and the ways of declaration. All of this is dealt with according to an indusive rational analytic way.
Description: Revue DAKIRA
ISSN: 2335-125X
Appears in Collections:Dakra numero-14 2020 (V8 N1)

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