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Title: Amazigh folk tale between oral and written
Other Titles: An analytical reading
Authors: لامية طالة
كهينة سلام
Keywords: Popular literature
The folk tale
Amazigh folklore
Algerian heritage
cultural diversity
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: V8 N1 jan 2020 (14);
Abstract: Popular literature is the mirror that reflects the true picture of the life of societies. It is known as "the anonymous, literal, literal, and literal literature of the lower classes of the people, inherited through generations." It is rich in symbols that reveal the experiences of the groups, their identity, The folk literature is divided into several forms of expression: proverbs, puzzles, music, songs, jokes, poetry, legends, dance, plastic arts and folk tales, which are the focus of our study. Algerian society, like the rest of the societies, is characterized by cultural, linguistic and ethnographic diversity, and hence its diverse folklore, which varies from one region to another. Among these are the "tribal region" where Amazigh folk culture is spread, which is linked to the creative imagination of the inhabitants of the region. The Amazigh folktale has learned many attempts by scholars and writers to collect and document them in order to protect them from extinction, because they are important in preserving the intangible Amazigh heritage.
Description: Revue DAKIRA
Appears in Collections:Dakra numero-14 2020 (V8 N1)

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