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Title: الت غي ا رت اّلصوت يّة وّال صّرفي ة وّالمقطع يّة فّي اّلمشتقاتّّ عند اّلت حويل مّن اّلفعل اّلث لاثي اّلمجرَّدّ
Other Titles: د ا رسة مّقارنة بّين اّلعربي ة وّالعبر يّةّ
Authors: ريما دّيبّّ
Keywords: derivations
structure change
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: V8 N1 jan 2020 (14);
Abstract: Derivation is generally one of the most important means of linguistic generation and expression of new signs and has several positives in making the language more in keeping up with the developments of the age through derivatives transformations and fluctuations could be observed that acquire phrases new meanings Each change to the structure has a change in meaning, as the structure of verbs or nouns generates change in the structure of the word for moral or verbal purpose In order to achieve this goal, our research aims for identifying the vocal, syntactic and derivative changes that occur in derivatives when converting from the gerund, all of which will be through comparison with the Hebrew language, the sister of the Arabic language.
Description: Revue DAKIRA
ISSN: 2335-125X
Appears in Collections:Dakra numero-14 2020 (V8 N1)

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