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Title: مفهوم الإنسان الكامل في الفكر الصوفي
Authors: أ.ناجم مولاي
Keywords: الإنسان الكامل
الفكر الصوفي
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Series/Report no.: numéro 07 SSH;
Abstract: There is much talk in this century about the idea of ​​man. This cannot be understood outside of its domain and context of deliberation, meaning here (language, society, religion, ...). What is required, in our opinion, is a study of the contentious relationship between the concept of full or perfect man and Sufism from the point of religious and scientific perspectives. What is the meaning of man? What is the meaning of Sufism? What are the things that I know already about this topic? What is the dialectical relationship between man and Sufism? And it is easy and fast to apply so? These are some mechanisms that revolve around the components of this intervention, which I strive to make clear to the reader in order to try to incite to address the idea of ​​the perfect human in Sufi thought, from the genealogical and chronological study of the concepts. We believe this is what is intended to be studied by addressing this problem: the meaning of man and the meaning of Sufism so that we can cover in the core of the article the explanation of the dialectical relationship between them in the Arab-Islamic thought especially and in the Western thought, as an addition.
Description: Sciences Sociales et Humaines numéro 07 SSH
ISSN: 2170-1121
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