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Title: Les foggaras de Touat
la fierté de la population locale
Authors: Nouh ABIDI SAAD
Boualem REMINI
Keywords: Foggara
Issue Date: 2011
Series/Report no.: volume 3 numéro 2 AST 2011;
Abstract: This paper, we treat the current state and prospects of foggaras in the oases of Touat. According to the mission and investigations during 2010 from the owners of foggaras and the local population, it appears that these galleries meet two main technical problems. These collapse pits or gallery and the drawdown caused by the contribution of modern techniques (drilling) in the region. To safeguard this cultural heritage, rehabilitation operations of foggaras were launched throughout the region. About 100 foggaras are being rehabilitated in all the oases of Touat.
Description: AST Annales des Sciences et Technologie
ISSN: 2170-0672
Appears in Collections:volume 3 numéro 2 AST 2011

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