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Title: مستقبل الدور الإقليمي القطري في ضوء الثورات العربية بين التراجع و التمدد
Authors: فاطمة مساعيد
Keywords: Qatar modest monarchy
Arab revolutions
regional power
diplomatic decline
new power
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Series/Report no.: numéro 11 2014 Dafatir;
Abstract: Qatar, this modest ambitious monarchy, which has the means of its regional policy has become very visible. Despite the enormous challenges posed by geography and demography, he scored a desire play a role in the region and become a regional power, with several assets, particularly its massive financial investments, its television channel “El Jazeera", but also through active diplomacy and pacific, described as “smart power”. Qatar has changed regional strategy, he took advantage of the vacuum left by conventional forces. It happened with the Arab revolutions, a desire to influence a desire for power, it has supported the Islamist parties. These ambitions have raised much controversy over the true interests covered by Qatar and its ability to continue this role. But there is talk of a decline in Qatari diplomacy, since the overthrow of President "Mohamed Morsi" in Egypt in July 2013 and because of "dissatisfaction" expressed by Arab and Western political, after the coming to power of the new Emir "Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani." These events forced the new government to review its strategy in Qatar, some scenarios do not exclude the possibility of a decline in the Qatari role, others foresee a gradual expansion of this role in a regional environment characterized by unpredictable changes. This article attempts to explain and predict the emergence of Qatar's regional role using some concepts of the theory of role in foreign policy.
Description: Dafatir Droit et politique
ISSN: Dafatir Droit et politique
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