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Title: الانتخــــاب فــــي الـوطــن العـــــــربي: بين الولاءات الأولية والمد الديمقراطي
Authors: محمد خداوي
Keywords: الـوطن العـربي
الولاءات الأولية
المد الديمقراطي
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Series/Report no.: numéro 07 2012 Dafatir;
Abstract: This research paper addresses to research in reality of the election in the Arab world, which have anthropology dimensions with its significance in political anthropology, especially at the level of traditional social units that still have an impact on electoral behavior and on political culture of the community, the election game has practiced in the Arab regimes throughout varying degrees, but it came to give democratic legitimacy to serve only high classrs, or rulers class .those fake elections are imposed or at least results-oriented, and what is observed is that in those political regimes, the role of elections as a mechanism for the exercise of popular democracy has been ridiculised. The political culture associated with personal features and the nature of the components of social construction, in contemporary Arab society, despite the manifestations of modernity and modernization in the official discours, the society remains predominantly overwhilmed by tribal loyalties in the mechanisms of production of the political elites, and in the recruitment and renewal of elected elites. It is the most prominent manifestations by indicating those features: the phenomenon of kinship power, competition between the culture of idealism and culture of realism, representations and perceptions of the Arab citizenship to its bitter reality, the limited acceptance of social change, Personalization of power roles, the folkloric caracter of the election campaigns, in addition to that Arab tribal community characterized by conflictual culture, and the scarf of "holiness" to the primitif family loyalty. Finaly the Arab regimes and its elites encourage tribalism and primitive loyalties infomaly through the division of the electoral districts, noting that the Arab countries create a significant number of electoral districts in rural areas, well known with its diffusion and extensiveness of tribalism and traditional clanism. Keywords: Democratiztion, election's culture, tribalism, family power, "El-Assabiiah", the sacred, conflict, folklore's caracter, ritual practices.
Description: numéro 07 2012 Dafatir
ISSN: 1112- 9808
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