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Title: ظاهرة الاحتباس الاقتصادي وأثرها على اقتصاديات الدول النامية ـ الاحتباس الدولاري في الجزائر أنموذجاً ـ The Phenomenon of "COMMERCIALRETENTION" and its impacts on the developing economies- "Dollar Retention in Algeria"
Authors: نور الدين جوادي
عمر عزاوي
Keywords: commercial Retention
economic crisis
Algerian economy
U.S dollar
international oil market
foreign trade
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Series/Report no.: numéro 5 2014;
Abstract: This study tries to analyze the contribution of "commercial Retention" in the international transmission of crises to developing economies, with the Algerian economy as an illustrative example considering that oil exports represent more than 97% of its total exports, and oil prices are in U.S dollar. This dangerous situation is considered as the main channel of international crises contagion, which makes the Algerian economy suffer from many losses. For instance: the Greek debt crisis (the European crisis) in 2010, which preceded the U.S. mortgage crisis in 2007, costs the Algerian economy huge losses.
Description: Algerian business performance review
ISSN: 1938-2170
Appears in Collections:numéro 05 2014 V3 n1

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