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Title: دور بطاقة الأداء المتوازن في تقييم الأداء الإستراتيجي للمؤسسات النفطية - دراسة حالة مؤسسة نفطال- مقاطعة الوقود حاسي مسعود (2011- 2014) -
Authors: أحلام بن رنو, عبد الرؤوف حجاج
Keywords: performance
internal processes
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Series/Report no.: Number 03 Déc 2015;
Abstract: The research aims to clarify the role of Balanced Scorecard in Strategic Performance of oil company .Naftalhas been selected as a case study for two reasons: first,the lack of studies in oil sector, and the second because it is oneof the main Algerian institutions acting in the Algerian economy. The search results are based on analyzing the reality of activities and practices carried out by the company duringthe period )2011- 2014(, as well as some of our interviews, and the indicators extracted from the company’s documents. The results indicate that the company relies on two axes : financial and customers with high degree, compared to the other two axes: internal processes, learning and growth.
Description: Algerian Review of Economic Development (ARED)
ISSN: 5302/2392
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