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Title: العلاقة بين اصلاح النظام الانتخابي و التمثيل البرلماني في الجزائر
Authors: طواهرية, دليلة
مصطفى بلعور
Keywords: النظام الانتخابي
التمثيل البرلماني
Issue Date: 12-Nov-2013
Series/Report no.: 2013;
Abstract: The coifthe lcorasytem ionfthe mos importan i s tu on decis on f r a y democra y. Ther a many t pes of l ction sy tem in h world; e can div e t into hre g oups: l ra ity, pro ti nal rep s nta io d mixed. Thoseacrding tohwclsey thransle tional votes w n i to legis at ve s at won. The l ctora sy tem has vrioutypes whicdfer aoingts evironmt. The study of the r lationsh p betw n h refo m d el ction sy tem and the Alg rian ep s ta ive p rliament. The l ction sy tem in Algeria d velop d s ecial y fter h democrati nsformati n wh c adopte h sy tem of majority n he b gin ut d scover d th incompet nc in the mparti l epr s nta io f the polit ca p rties. I warefo m d throw e lativ rep s nta io wh c res v d equality n he r p s nta io f the polit ca p rties n h parliment. Ther a lot f reason whic aused th r fo mati n and theions pecialy theraof FLNtkep is chan es of xi tenc h aut ori y. But i s ayed th mos rep s nt d par y in the parli ment al houg t e r fo mati ns of thelcion sytem
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