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Title: Investigating Difficulties in Translating Cultural References in Children’s Literature. Case study: J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan
Authors: CHELALGA, Abdelkader
Keywords: Children’s literature
Cultural references
Littérature pour enfants
références Culturelles
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2016
Series/Report no.: 2016;
Abstract: This research looks into children’s literature and its translation with more focus on the treatment of cultural references. It aims at presenting the different approaches and procedures used in translating cultural references in ChL, thus to identify the difficulties that hinders the treatment of cultural references. This was achieved by analysing J. M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’ published in 1995 by Penguin Popular Classics in Great Britain and its translation into Arabic that is done by Kawthar Mahmoud Mohammed published in Egypt by ‘Hindawi’ in 2013. The Extracted CRs were organized according to the suggestion of Klingberg (1986) (p19) than, analysed within the framework of Davies (2003) (p20). This research came to the conclusion that most of the difficulties encountered in translating cultural references in children’s literature are due to i) the very nature of each culture, its characteristics and its unique way of perceiving the world reduces the possibility of transferring the full message of the ST to the TT ii) If the SL and TL are not from the same primary language, it would be more challenging to establish familiarity within the TT iii) References with several associations creates a complication that is difficult to handle.Cette recherche examine la littérature pour enfants et sa traduction avec plus se concentre sur le traitement de références culturelles. Il vise à présenter les approches différentes et les procédures utilisées dans la traduction de références culturelles dans ChL, ainsi identifier les difficultés qui gênent le traitement de références culturelles. Ceci a été réalisé en analysant J. M. Barrie ' Peter Pan ' a publié en 1995 par le Manchot des Classiques Populaires en Grande-Bretagne et sa traduction dans l'arabe qui est fait par Kawthar Mahmoud Mohammed publié en Égypte par 'Hindawi' en 2013. CRS Extrait a été organisé selon la suggestion de Klingberg (1986) (p19) que, analysé dans le cadre de Davies (2003) (p20). Cette recherche est arrivée à la conclusion que la plupart des difficultés rencontrées dans la traduction de culturel
Description: Kasdi Merbah University Ouargla Faculty of Letters and Languages Department of English Language and Literature
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