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Title: The Role of ESP Te ac hers in Enhancing Learners’ Oral Communicative Competence Case Study of ESP Teachers at Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla
Authors: MOGHARBI, Meriem
Keywords: Teaching ESP
ESP problem of ESP
Techniques and strategies
Issue Date: 17-Nov-2013
Series/Report no.: 2013;
Abstract: This research is concerned with the teaching of English for Specific Puropese . It aims at identifying the main problems connected with teaching English for Specific Purposes at Ouargla University. The long period spent in teaching graduate and post-graduate students in Ouargla University has led us to wonder whether ESP teacher in this university obeys any strategies and techniques to reach learners’ needs and goals. A questionnaire was administered to ESP teachers who have taught at Ouargla University. It has helped identify the main causes and problems faced in teaching ESP as an actual means of communication among learners of different countries. Finally, from the results we are obtained, we suggested some solutions which may contribute in enhancing ESP teaching
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