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Title: Etude de la vulnérabilitédes eaux de la nappe libre dans la région d’Oued Righ
Authors: Bouselsal, Boualem
Abour, Fella
Zeddouri, Aziez
Chaab, Salah
hamed Salah
Keywords: unconfined aquifer
CT and CI aquifer
Wadi Righ
Issue Date: 23-Nov-2016
Series/Report no.: SIHE2013;Novembre 2013
Abstract: In the desert region of Wadi Righ, the intensive exploitation of the deep aquifers of the ‘’Continental Intercalaire’’ and the ‘’Complex terminal’’ for the supplying water needs has generated a surplus of water, that has caused a rise of the groundwater table of the upper unconfined aquifer. This hydrodynamic situation has flooded some areas, particularly in the Meghaier and Djemaa zones. The objective of this work is to define the hydrogeologic, hydrodynamic and physicochemical aspects of the upper aquifer in the first step and in the second step to evaluate its vulnerability, because the increase of population and the development of agriculture have strongly influenced the water quality aspect. The use of the method of GOD shows that the ground water of Righ Wadi is classified from high to moderate vulnerability. The agricultural areas, chotts and urban zones present a high vulnerability.
Description: Séminaire International sur l'Hydrogéologie et l'Environnement
Appears in Collections:4. Faculté des Hydrocarbures, des Energies Renouvelables, des Sciences de la Terre et de l’Univers

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