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Title: الحرمان العاطفي عند الطفل اليتيم
Authors: فاطمة الزهراء خموين
Keywords: اليتيم
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Series/Report no.: numéro 27 SSH;
Abstract: The study of emotional deprivation takes a large part of this research due to its power to express the lack that characterizes the human being in many domains. It also expresses the need of life for the psychological and social balance in the milieu in which the human being lives in . This balance cannot happen outside the family, which provides feelings care and security. It also provides balance. Any problem in this balance of the family or the absence of one of its central components, namely the father and the mather will effect its stability. This leads to its fragmentation and the disintegration of its function. Therefore, the child becomes deprived from emotions and feelings, which the researcher will study in this article.
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
ISSN: 2170-1121
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