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dc.contributor.authorعبد الحميد هيمة-
dc.contributor.authorحجاج فاطمة-
dc.descriptionRevue Makaliden_US
dc.description.abstractIn the present research I was able to see the research carried out by YEMENI EL AID, who used criticism as a means to study literary works and to explore a reality on all after the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon, which Had an impact on Arab creativity, in the light of the references and limits of cultural contexts, this critical use can often be influenced by thought or ideologies that have invaded the universal critical space and all the Arab space, It has been difficult to differentiate between creativity in its ideological frame of reference and creativity in its textual frame of reference, besides this research tries to study the paradoxes and transformation in YEMENI EL AID, which gives rise to the flourishing of essential truths For the roots of the concepts of criticism, the reference and the cultural context, and to collect the literary work in this artistic technique and its humanist world, so that it is more precise in consolidating the relationship between it and criticism in the analysis of the literary text and its social context or whether it is considered as a living memory.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesnumero 12 2017;-
dc.subjectYEMENI EL AIDen_US
dc.subjectliterary worksen_US
dc.subjectthe Israeli invasion of southern Lebanonen_US
dc.subjectthe cultural contexten_US
dc.subjectArab creativityen_US
dc.titleتأويل الخطاب النقدي المقاوم ليمنى العيد من خلال كتابها في النفاق الإسرائيليen_US
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