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Title: Etude et caractérisations de la pollution atmosphérique dela région de Ouargla (Study and Characterizations of atmospheric pollution in Ouargla city)
Authors: Boudehane, Aicha
Keywords: Indoor /outdoor pollution
Polycyclic aromatic
polar organic compounds
Passive sampling
Ouargla city
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2017
Series/Report no.: 2017;
Abstract: Indoor environments are affected by a number of organic contaminants, whose concentrationand magnitude are different in external air. In this research, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) receiveda special concern. PAHs occur in the air ,are in the form of gaseous and particulate forms; they are associated to fine aerosols and soil dust. PAHs were first investigated in dust of interiors in Ouargla (part of the AlgerianSahara), concurrently with n-alkanes and polar organiccompounds and also in the gas phase contained the same fraction .volatile organic compounds are generally mono cyclic of PAHs (BTEXs ) and low molecular mass collected by the diffusive sampling.All contaminants were determined from gas chromatographic - mass spectrometric analysis (GC/MS) performed at CNR laboratory – Italy. We conclude from our results that the air of our living places (school, hospital , universityand home) is affected by organic compounds which,effected human health when exposed long time in indoor .
Description: University of KasdiMerbahOuargla Faculty of Mathematics and the sciences of matter Department of chemistry
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