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Title: ثاثير جودة الخدمات على تحقيق رضا الزبون دراسة حالة مؤسسة موبليس-وكالة ورقلة-
Authors: Belahcene
حكيم بن جروة
Keywords: quality of service,
the dimensions of service quality,
customer satisfaction
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2012
Series/Report no.: 2012;
Abstract: The main aim of addressing this issue is to provide a theoretical framework that identifies and defines the various concepts related to qualityservices in terms of indicators and models to measure as well as to address the measurement ofcustomer satisfaction to see the degree of customer satisfaction with the services provided bythe institution in order to find methods to the improvement of the quality of services, and around us in the field study organization's communications for the mobile MobilisBorklh determine the impact of the quality of services provided by the institution Mobilis on customer satisfaction, using a measure of performance service Performance and shortened to SERVPERF dimensions of the five, which focuses on measuring the actual performance of the service rendered to the customer, where the problem of the study to determine the extent of validity ofperformance on a scale to measure customer satisfaction of a bulk upgrade the quality of service and assist in the support and development. Has been shown through the study that the assessment of clients for the quality of services through the indicators of the assessment vary from customer to another and the quality of the service is working to achieve Redaalsbon, and thus the possibility of using performance measure of performance as standards is important for customer satisfaction with the services Mobilis and can be used to improve the level of services provided. Key words: quality of service, SERVPERF, the dimensions of service quality, customer satisfaction
Description: جامعـة قاصــدي مربــــاح ورقلــــة
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