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Title: Political corruption in Iraq after 2003
Authors: حسن سعد عبد الحميد
Keywords: Corruption
Iraq after 2003
Iraq's political
Issue Date: 10-Jul-2018
Series/Report no.: volume 1 numéro 2 2018;
Abstract: In policy books and terminology, the elite and academics used the terminology of a democratic state, political stability, economic growth and other terms in their daily conversations and political and social debates in scientific circles. But in comparison to the Arab situation, especially Iraq after 2003, the concepts of the helpless state and the absent government became widespread and the only explanation of corruption spread to the painful and horrifying situations that Iraq experienced as a state, society and institutions, which created a huge gap in keeping up with the progress and development that Iraq would have realized as a result of political change.
Description: Revue TAHAWULAT
ISSN: 2602-6538
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