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Title: The Algerian state's efforts to conserve and rationalize the consumption of electric power
Authors: هاجر شناي
زوبيدة محسن
Keywords: powr
modern industry
citizen awareness
increase efficiency
energy conservation
counter demand
Issue Date: 7-Oct-2018
Series/Report no.: Number 08 June 2018;
Abstract: The power of electricity the is most important means to access energy, and this energy use for heating and lighting in our live and work, like when used to run the engines, to produce movement in the washing machine…etc., the electricity energy is Very important to modern industry because it provides Lab, workshops and factories by electric current to operate the machines and to control it, and Illuminate the many different location as laboratories, shops and university sites, … etc. to ensure working continually, From here, this work aims to showing The importance and the need to raise the efficiency and energy conservation Which it has become a necessity to meet the growing demand for them, as well as to ensure better exploitation of electric power and reduce the loss of energy? This is necessary to develop a plan to rationalize the use of electricity in all consumer sectors, service-… in general, And raise public awareness and increase their responsibility towards raising the effectiveness of the use and conservation of waste and loss in particular.
Description: Algerian Review of Economic Development ( ARED )
ISSN: 5302/2392
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