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Title: دور التحليل المالي في منح القروض دراسة حالة البنك الوطني الجزائري وكالة ورقلة
Authors: إيمان, حابس
بن عمارة نوال
Keywords: Financial analysis
Issue Date: 2011
Series/Report no.: 2011;
Abstract: The Financial analysis is summary of a huge amount of historical information stated in financial statement to form a data based which is less in size and more useful in decision making.The function and objective of financial analysis is to scrutinize financial statement and the published data about the establishment ,as well as to study and to classify the data in order to find out the trend in particular duration. This helps to make the right decision for the student credit. And here we can put the Following dilemma: How to use financial analysis in granting credit at the bank?
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