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Title: التوافق الدراسي لدى التلاميذ الذين يعانون من مرض الربو والتلاميذ الذين لا يعانون من مرض الربو. (دراسة مقارنة)
Authors: علاوي دليلة
برزوان حسيبة
Keywords: adjustment
academic adjustment
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Series/Report no.: numéro 35 SSH;
Abstract: The present study aims at investigating the level of adjustment among students who suffer from asthma compared with students who do not suffer from asthma according to the gender variable (males/females). The sample included 100 students; 25 male student and 25 female students who do not suffer from Asthma, and 22 male / 28 female students who suffer from Asthma. Youngman'sacademic adjustmentScale was submitted, during the school year (2017/2018), and we are used a descriptive method that is the most appropriate in this study. We are also used to analyzed the results of this research by (Spss). The results of the study have shown that the level of academicadjustment among students with Asthma is high, and the same results have been found for students who do not suffer from Asthma. The results of the study also have shown that there is no significant difference in theacademic adjustment of students with Asthma in terms of gender variable. There are also no differences in academic adjustment among students who do not have asthma in relevance to gender variable.
Description: Revue des Sciences Sociales et Humaines
ISSN: 2170-1121
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