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Title: معلم اللغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها: الكفايات والمهارات.
Authors: بقادر عبد القادر
Keywords: Teacher’s skills
Teacher’s competencies
Arabic language
For non-Arabic speakers
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2019
Series/Report no.: numéro 31 Juin 2019;
Abstract: Abstract The present article sheds light on the teachers of Arabic for non-Arabic speakers and on the main skills and competencies they should enjoy. The teacher is one of the main components of the educational process and the most influencing on the learners. Hence, any education reform should first pay attention to this latter either in training him/her or promoting his/her scientific, social and economic level. Since teaching stands on some certain scientific and technical basis; teachers, generally, should enjoy a great amount of competency, knowledge, values and creativity. They should as well have some of the necessary skills that enable them do their jobs on the right way. Teachers of non-Arabic speakers in particular should also enjoy some of the skills necessary to perform their tasks on the appropriate way and to teach Arabic in a way that attracts the non-Arabic speakers (Foreigners). They should, for instance, be specialized in Arabic and be familiar with the updates in Applied Linguistics and theories of Education as well as being skillful in ICT. They also need to have some basic necessary linguistic , professional and cultural skills…etc for the good teacher is the one who can provide the learners with the appropriate atmosphere and techniques to teach Arabic for non-speakers. This article tackles the topic from these perspectives: • Teachers and their role in the educational process. • The necessity to prepare teachers for non-Arabic speakers. • Competencies of Teachers of non-Arabic speakers. • Characteristics and skills of teachers of non-Arabic speakers. • Conclusion and recommendations.
Description: Revue Al Athar
ISSN: 1112-3672
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