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Title: "جريدة البستان" للشيخ إبراهيم أبي اليقظان؛ بصمة جزائرية رائدة في الأدب الساخر.
Authors: حاج امحمد يحيى
باعمارة يوسف
Keywords: press
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2019
Series/Report no.: numéro 31 Juin 2019;
Abstract: The study aims to stopping by the ideological production of CHEIKH IBRAHIM ABOU EL-YAKDAN by focusing on his newspaper EL-BOUSTAN (The Garden) which was on the media from 27/04/1933 to 13/07/1933, it accompanied the national struggle against the French colonisation by spreading the political awareness, enlightening both the minds and the culture and Improving both literature and language with a sarcastic style in order to wake the feelings and influence the minds. It discussed subjects of political, cultural, ethnic and social nature and it used various methods to influence the Algerian public in that era where the French colonisation was closing on the Algerian press which was aiming to wake the conscience and enlighten the public opinion, and the sarcasm was what kept the French political pursuits away. For that goal, ABOU EL-YAKDAN used many ways such as: local dialect, public proverbs, animalistic symbols, ignoring the knower and many others; which allowed the perpetuation of a press landmark in the Algerian deep history.
Description: Revue Al Athar
ISSN: 1112-3672
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