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Title: Tort liability resulting from invasion of privacy in French law (Comparative analysis)
Authors: هوزان عبدالمحسن عبدالل
Keywords: The right to respect for private life
delictual liability
social networks
the referee
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: Vol 12, N 1 2020 (22);
Abstract: The French legislator issued the right to privacy law in 1970 and included it in the Civil Code. Article 9 states: " Everyone has the right to respect for his private life.Without prejudice to the right to recover indemnification for injury suffered, judges may prescribe any measures, such as sequestration, seizure and others, suited to the prevention or the ending of an infringement of the intimate character of private life; in case of emergency those measures may be provided for by summary proceedings." According to this law, the privacy of individuals cannot be invoked. The victim can file a lawsuit before the judge of urgent matters in accordance with the second paragraph of Article (9) to demand that the attack be stopped immediately and the judge is requested to take urgent measures in view of the danger to the right to protect him. And after the emergence of social media on the Internet such as Facebook and Twitter .. Etc, individuals as natural persons or moral to infringe their privacy on these sites, the French legislator to put an end to these violations on the right to privacy or right to image. Privacy in civil law, but referred to in the 2005 Constitution in the section
Description: Dafatir Droit et politique
ISSN: 1112- 9808
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