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Title: The world of labor in Algeria between contractual system and regulatory system
Authors: علام بن عودة
Keywords: Labour relations
regulatory system
contractual system
law of 90-11
law of 06-03
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Series/Report no.: Vol 12, N 1 2020 (22);
Abstract: This study focuses on the employment field in Algeria; this latter oscillates between the contractual system and the regulatory system. The aim of this paper is to identify the content of the systems above mentioned and the reasons and methods of adopting theses systems in Algeria, their applications in the Algerian labor arena. In order to achieve the purpose of this study, we followed the analytical approach by analyzing a number of relevant legal texts, as well as the comparative approach by focusing on the differences that have characterized each one of the systems. We conclude from this study that Algeria favors the closed system at the expense of the contractual system in labor relations, which is, in this case, demanded more than before to amend its work legislation in line with economic globalization, by giving wide range to the will of parties in labor relations and putting more flexibility in the civil service law.
Description: Dafatir Droit et politique
ISSN: 1112- 9808
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